Born in Iran. Grew up in Sweden. With discrimination, exclusion and his family's sorrow as his bagage - Milad Mohammadi decided to change his situation. He quickly finished a double degree in law and political science at 22 years old, becoming Sweden's youngest. Later on, with his passion for leadership, diversity and maximizing potential, he became Scandinavia's biggest and most renowned keynote speaker in respective areas. After that, he founded his own first secondary school for children in segregated areas of Stockholm - Järvaskolan - which has become one of the best school models for diversity and integration in Sweden.

Today, Milad Mohammadi, founded and runs CLOSETHEGAP, a management agency supporting some of the biggest corporations in Scandinavia with diversity management, inclusion and leadership. His success and fame has become a way for him to give back to society - with one simple goal: Inspire people to reach their potential.
He is now dedicating his almost inhuman amount of energy as a global speaker and managing his projects. His dream is to become a role model to the world of how anyone can reach success, and that it is possible to build inclusive environments to reach our potential.


"Milad shows clearly how Sweden can reach its potential. Both in how he is as a leader and how he is as a speaker. I have never seen anything like him in my days as an experienced speaker. If you choose Milad, you choose change." - Jan Eliasson, Vice-Secretary General United Nations

"Milad Mohammadi is an inspiration and a role model to the world."- Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden

"Milad is the best speaker in Sweden. Not only an amazing person that is passionate about changing the world, he is an exemplary speaker who knows how to make the audience laugh, cry and learn about important matters of life and society. A society where every single person has an important role and a society where everyone can feel like home." - Michael Wolf, former CEO SwedBank

"Milad Mohammadi came up to me with confidence and stated that he was the best speaker in Scandinavia. It does not happen often that a person challenges me in such way, so I accepted the challenged. He was the keynote speaker in my conference, The Winter Conference, Scandinavias biggest and most exlusive leadership conference, and he kept his word. He delivered the absolute best and most inspiring speech in the history of the event, and he deserved his five minute long standing ovations." - Petter Stordalen, Founder and Chairman of Nordic Choice

”It is suicide to go on stage after Milad Mohammadi. He is one of the most talented and hard working people I know. He is a role model to Sweden and to the world.” Azita Shariati, CEO Sodexo Nordic and most powerful woman in the Swedish corporate sector 2015

”It is not often that I am nervous before a speech. Milad spoke before me and he made me very nervous.” - Fredrik Reinfeldt, former Prime Minister of Sweden

"One of Sweden's absolute best rhetoricians and speakers." - Elaine Eksvärd, renowned rhetorics expert

”The world should be proud of having a leader and speaker like Milad Mohammadi.” - Jens Stoltenberg, former Prime Minister of Norway and Secretary General NATO


Sweden's best speaker 2017 - Stora Talarpriset (with a jury of Sweden's best rherotic experts)

Speaker of the year 2014 - Årets talare 2014 (by Talarforum, Scandinavia's biggest speaker bureau)

Sweden's supertalent 2013-2017 - Sveriges supertalang (by Veckans Affärer, leading business magazine)

Sweden's best communicator in the corporate sector 2013-2017 - Sveriges superkommunikatör 2013-2017 (by Resumé, leading communications and media magazine)

Master of Laws, LLM, Stockholm University, examination after 3,5 years

Bachelor in Political Science and Economics, Stockholm University, examination after 1,5 years

Value Based Leadership, The Royal King's Foundation for Leadership

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